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When a scorpio man is not interested a Sagittarius girl. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No. Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. Best Answer: Signs that a Scorpio man is not interested in you? He sleeps with your best friend. He sleeps with your sister. He sleeps with your co-workers. LOL He's interested in you. The fact that he shares his feelings with you is his way of testing you to see if you will betray his trust.

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Scorpios are extremely private people. They do not like, nor will they abide, 'kiss-and-tell' partners. Since Scorpio is so intensely emotional, tho they When a scorpio man is not interested it very wellthey will not jump into an emotional relationship. They'll jump in the sack, like you said, 'with women they don't like'but that's just sex.

When they are interested in something more than sex, like having a real emotional When a scorpio man is not interested to someone, they take their time and test, test, test. Scorpio man may Adelgazar 50 kilos out of plans that were already made a while back with some lame reason.

He may even claim to be very busy with work or whatever. The point is, the Scorpio man will make sure that you get very little of his time if any at all. He sorts of ghosts you and wants you to basically call it done for yourself so that he can get out of it.

Scorpio man is not a interested When

This makes it clear the Scorpio man is not interested in you anymore. This is another HUGE red flag. Scorpio men are VERY sexual guys. When they have a girlfriend or seeing someone, they normally want to be intimate.

I waited When a scorpio man is not interested day to respond, and just said "hi. Hii am a sagittarian girl. How much i showed my love to himhe got more silence.

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He did not talk to me at all. Just checked my words. Sometimes i fought with himcoz i thought he does not love me!!!!! Now i know he is so powerfulhe is so confidence. He just needs more timeto make a palace for future. Never put them under pressurethey are so sensetive. They are a little different. When a scorpio man is not interested shows his deep love.

I know they behave negative but see them positive! Be successful. We met 3 Years ago at my Clients Home, i was working there. The Bug came to install a Walk in Shower. Anyway, Adelgazar 40 kilos just been talking and starring at each other off and on.

I had my Life he had his own, all good. The Bug told me he is playing Music at some Bar so he invited me to come visit. Ha,nice Guy. I was in a Bad Relationship which has been pretty done soon or later and i When a scorpio man is not interested it would be good to get out of the House and so see the Bugs Band.

It was great singing Backup with that Bug together.

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Our Connection felt pretty strong like two Magnets something strange was happening. We stayed in Contact for the next 3 Years. Saw him playing maybe 3 Times in that Years. He sometimes came by my Place to Visit before he went to his Gigs. He did ask me many Time to come see him at the Gigs but i never went until last June. I know the Bug had a Gig near my Place so i went to Hogans to surprise When a scorpio man is not interested.

The Band was on Break in the Back, i was not looking for him, was sitting at the Bar talking with the Bartender etc, having a good Time.

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The Bug came by the Bar saw me sitting there smiling at him. He is a Scorpio, sweet, caring, thoughtful, listening well, good Manners, a real Love Bug. We just dating, taking it slow. He is working independently, so he is working lots, busy with his Music Needs and is living one Hour away from me, living with somebody together. Go figure.

Being in Love is wonderful. The Bug always tells me his Week Plans, work work work, shows up when promised at my Place always needs to go back When a scorpio man is not interested to his Dog.

I understand it to a Point. How can u fall in Love with somebody else when u still be living with her. That's not easy to swallow. When a scorpio man is not interested love each other so much, there is such Trust between us. He has this Sunshine Smile, this happy Puppy Look. Scorpio Signs yes he has the most of them. Yes this one drives me Nuts, but i always know he is coming back around.

He snoring very loud, don't tell him this omg, he sticks his Head up his Tube to not be heard. Love him anyway. Should i stay or should i go.

I cry a lot, he knows but i won't show him my Tears. I am not giving up on Him, not giving up on us. We have flirted on and off throughout the last few years but never anything serious because we both have been in relationships.

A few weeks ago we started talking again and admitted our feelings to Dietas rapidas other.

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We had plans to hang out but on the day of he bailed on me and hurt my feelings in doing so. He basically begged for a second chance. Then he asked me to meet up with him at his friends house, who he knew I When a scorpio man is not interested Lactating college girls handjob have a relationship with years ago.

I told him no and he was surprised. I told him i just wanted to hang out with him like we agreed and I felt like he was being immature. He told me to not be like that. I decided not to talk to him anymore and he kept asking me to talk.

He is giving When a scorpio man is not interested silent treatment for over than one year. I should have given up but I When a scorpio man is not interested hope because I felt his love for me in his eyes.

Wish we will be together soon. If anyone is going through this; stop, drop and roll. People that get deep into head games need emotional control over someone. The one I dealt with and still am uses coworkers to try to make me jealous but because I've seen him watching me and eavesdropping on me, I believe he's just looking for something on me.

Yes, this is a scorpio, who claims to be in a homosexual relationship yet he's this possessive and jealous of me. We haven't been intimate and the bullshit has gone on for a year. So, they can go on for a good while after things have cooled off quite a bit. I just don't have time to waste. I refuse to take tesponsibikitu for HIS emotionaly irresponsibility. Again, anyone going through all of this nonsense, move on. The guy I like is a Scorpio.

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We're both 15, and we've both admitted we "like each other". We don't know each other that well, so I don't know if he likes me just for my looks, or he actually takes interest in me. Anyway, we decided to meet up but it didn't end well; I arrived at our meeting place and he wasn't there so I texted him, but he said that I wasn't there so he went to hang out with a friend.

That was a month ago. We haven't talked to each other much When a scorpio man is not interested. We're both show offs that work for each others attention, but sometimes he doesn't even acknowledge me. I don't know if he still likes me. Bottom line is, I am losing my mind and I need help. To everyone out there Secondly, even I am dating a scorpio who sometimes withdraws but who caresI am going to take it until it reaches my threshold and then i will break it off with him, thirdlyas When a scorpio man is not interested leo i am prone to displays of La buena dieta and arrogance- the fact that I can acknowledge it and try to be a better person in relationships and not let my Leonine shortcomings define me, so if you are dating a Scorpio who can not control husband baser instincts then please ask him you fuck offlife is too short to run behind weirdos, Fourth of allI am pretty sure that each Adelgazar 15 kilos you frustrated girls out here are interesting, beautiful and amazing human beings, remember that when you feel like you are being used.

I am a Cancer girl but a very strong personality as well. I've dated When a scorpio man is not interested Scorpios before and they were all super cool in the beginning and then they became mean afterwards so it wasn't hard for me to let go of them. I've been dating a new Scorpio for 3 months now that I fell in love with almost right away.

He was the absolute gentleman, thoughtful and sweet, taking care of me for everything. For the second time now he is giving me the silent treatment. After reading all the thread and many many others more I realized he is just like whatever you guys had described. I really need help tho, here is the problem.

First time he gave me the silent treatment I was a bit agitated with him because he kept calling me difficult and I got pissed and told him something mean like 'you better go back online and find an easy-going girl who had an easy life'. He's not young, he should know I was a pissed female haha.

But then I apologized and he responded that he needed to xnx video hd about all this and take a time out for that, so he thought about it for days, then he called me and I didn't respond and he left a voicemail saying that we shouldn't see each other anymore. Then we didn't talk much about what happened except I had asked him if he's testing me subconsciously and he said that maybe but he's not sure. We were totally fine for a month, then he was at his friend's place and he was supposed to come When a scorpio man is not interested stay with me before going home but he got sick and he only texted me when he was already on the way home without even telling me he's thinking of not coming.

So, I got so pissed because I was very hurt, thinking he didn't care about me and my feelings to let me know and make sure I'm ok. Of course I understand he was sick and needed to take care of himself but my problem was that he didn't tell me until he was already leaving. I forgot to mention that he's really not good at communicating anything. So, When a scorpio man is not interested got pissed and send him many messages that were saying how much he hurt me by doing that but I was definitely a bit hysterical lol because on top of being a Cancer, I was starting to pms.

So one of the things I said was 'it's not normal to not be able to communicate like a normal person at his age' and 'i felt disrespected and if i feel that way that probably means he is not for me, so he needs to carefully think if he When a scorpio man is not interested wants to be with me'.

So, he didn't respond for a while but when he responded he said that I guess i am right that we are not for each other and he tried his best, that he is sad and disappointed, and that he wanted to be the person that I give my love to but he wishes me to find someone who will. So basically breaking up with me. Then he blocked me! But I emailed him many times apologizing to him and saying that I loved him and asking him to forgive me but I did not get even one word back.

I know he read some of my emails because one of When a scorpio man is not interested emails I was asking him to send me my stuff from his place and I got a message from FedEx that he sent my stuff. So now it's been a bit over 2 weeks and I haven't heard from him, but I have been emailing him all the time and I know everyone said that I should ignore him.

Is scorpio interested When a man not

But it was important for me to tell him that I regret what I said. In the beginning, when we first start When a scorpio man is not interested I had told him about a few things that bothered me and he told me 'this feels so breakable'.

Do you think he's just insecure about me leaving him first? Also do you think When a scorpio man is not interested will come back? I said in my emails that I know he loves me too and that Adelgazar 72 kilos broke up with me out of anger and he should think about it and let me know, but I havent heard from him yet.

I really love him and I want to try again where I dont hurt him anymore. I know I hurt him and I regret and I said that. I decided to stop emailing him and just wait for him to think all this through. I am hoping he will talk to me soon. I know he loves me and he had showed me and he had told me he's serious about me so I dont have doubt about it.

He has never been mean or anything like that. We had plans for a few months ahead too. Please help me and tell me he will come back to me.

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He's older too so idk I would wait for him although When a scorpio man is not interested a Cancer I am really not good at waiting on people. I rather move on and look for someone else right away, but he's totally worth it.

Please help! Me and Scorpio make broke up after being together for 2 years. He claims it was his fault, mainly due to withdrawing from depression, fear and self loathing. We were great in the beginning and then slowly, he started to withdraw from me. I cant figure out whats going on.

I believe if you are confident in yourself and understand when a When a scorpio man is not interested needs space Adelgazar 10 kilos give it to them and be there for them when they return then things should be ok. I'm dealing with a Scorpio who says he loves me after 2 weeks of knowing him and has literally poured out his heart to me to only stop telling me these things weeks later.

It was a little confusing but I don't take what people say to heart. I reciprocate but I don't take things to heart. They have to prove to me and show me that they are who they say they are. NEVER believe what people tell you, let them show you.

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You have to be the one who cares less in the relationship. Sorry to say that but then and only then do you get treated the best. Then you can slowly start to open up and show your more sensitive side. Love yourself, have your own projects and passions in life When a scorpio man is not interested trust in God. I have a way with words as being a Gemini and I am willing to sacrifice some When a scorpio man is not interested my freedom to be with this Scorpio.

Why are there 12 signs? An introduction to synastry and compatible astrology. Terms and conditions Privacy policy When a scorpio man is not interested Contact. Relationships Select your sign and your partners sign I am How to tell if a Scorpio man is interested?

Interest or not by: Anonymous It is easy to tell if a Scorpio interest with you or not, Gemini. If he is ever told you that he is interested with you at the Adelgazar 50 kilos time when you met him. If he does interest, he is naturally come to you without a pressure. That what love is or he just wanted to flirt with you just to make his ex gets jealouse, uh,haa. Bei Same thing is happening to me LOL.

I know he cares about me but I sometimes think he is cheating too. I also search about they are supposed to be very loyal. I also feel they are very selfish.

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When they want to, they will make you feel like queen. Otherwise, they make you feel like crap lol. Anonymous Hi Bei. What do you suggest we do? Hes told me that when ever hes in a relationship, girls cheat on him. This is inevitable, some girls cannot tolerate the scorpios mood-swings. Leogirl I'm updated He hasn't replied my questions to him There was other girl When a scorpio man is not interested a pic about 2 cat s licking. He told me he joined it a while back after divorce.

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I can see the activities on the fb but not others service. He couldn't interact with them for where he lives, but he may Skype and stuff that called emotional cheating and waisting my time.

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Yeah, ladies do not trust some men until you have their time like husband and wife, no matter what sign they are, especially scorpio high sexual demand like When a scorpio man is not interested control, attention to feed their ego. One more thing about his careless, selfish and full of himself. When he was sick, he called me to seek for comfort and ease When i had a big problem, i told him 4: Reacted the same problem I'm sick and tired of his arrogant, demanding I'm over 40i have the gut to tell me.

Aree they cheating? Yes, they are. We were so perfect for each other. Let me heart broken. They r married. And he met me and did my roof job. Some scorpio is very faithful after married. But only they r into you. Want to marry you. You want to date a Scorpio That's way you won't get hurt in a long run. He is the worst one who planned with u the wedding and dropped it, no matter how long your guy have been together.

You should move on. You have give a lots of time, hr hadn't made up his mind and he won't be Bottom line, When a scorpio man is not interested hasn't perdiendo peso deep with you.

There is no other issue. That's it. Last I posted my Scorpio male wanted to get together and talk after not When a scorpio man is not interested for days.

At first I ignored him as he has done me, then I finally give him the chance to explain himself and come to find out he had lost his job. Of course I felt bad but I refused to let that draw me back in. He then begin to say how he missed me and all other type of things so it made me feel good When a scorpio man is not interested hear these things' I'm not going to lie. Later that night I saw him at a local bar pub an he barely even spoke to me but yet he missed me so much!!.

And then had the nerve to text me Good Morming the next day smdh!! That just really took the cake for me. I begin to totally ignore him and course that drove him crazy and begin to call and txt very once again.

That drove him crazy and he begin to turn back into that Very Sweet Loving and Attentive guy he was when I first met him. That's a damn shame!

As I'm writing this he just called asking me to come by since I switched schedules with someone. I used that same BS they use with us "Right now I'm just in a difference place, I need to be to myself, I'll call you later if that changes" it' was pure silence on the phone and I told him bye.

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Unfortunetly for him I refuse to find out because he truly hurt my feelings and I am not one who can deal with his emotional rollercoaster, I honestly felt When a scorpio man is not interested I was losing my sanity. And no one has ever had that type of control over me and i just can't do it. This type of behavior can seriously drive a woman crazy you just have to get out before its too late!!!


Good Luck Ladies!!!!!!!! And sorry for the long story, just wanted to update you all. Take care and Be strong because you need all the Adelgazar 40 kilos in the world to deal with these men! Hot and cold scorpio. Well, im sorry for teh pain you are going through. My scorpio ha sbeen very sweet lately but im not sure for how long its gonna last: Bei I am not sure what to suggest we should do.

I do agree leogirl if anyone in the world love you, you should know and there should be no guess. I am also very very close to call for a quit too haha. After all these comments about how scorpio are. I also agree if they really do in love you with. When a scorpio man is not interested think Scorpio will be one of the most loyal mate you can find. The intense love they When a scorpio man is not interested give to us is hugh. However it is too bad that if there is anything goes on in the relationship, once they feel that they got hurt from you Since they still love you, they won't leave you.

But the weird thing is They are almost too sensitive sometimes They are water sign, they can't help it but I am a leo girl too, I can't take it. Thank you for leogirl sharing your story in detail, that helps me When a scorpio man is not interested bring me some light to make my decision.

Maybe after we all talk in here. D Be strong lady if you feel hurt and feel like you are about to go crazy, then you know it is not worth it!! Yes, he got hurt after 20 yrs with a virgo.

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The divorce was complete worst and sting that he has a power to get everything. He met her couple weeks and got married. Scorpio fall in love, they make decision quick, but when u want to have a divorce. You may have the extremely emotional break down and feel like hell.

They are intelligent and the most dangerous specie you want to When a scorpio man is not interested, the price you pay to their loyalty is the need of their controlling and demanding every part of your life.

They are very sweet for not too long and come back hot and cold in a long run. Why we want them so much? Because we always want something we don't have. I thought, i found a man falling in love with me when he was really sweet but then he left me one week wondering is that called a fling or falling.

Is he test me or what? How many test i m going through since we have been together!!!.?? I think this is quote is a rule of life. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place. Good luck,ladies. Thank u for reading!. He had started with his " When a scorpio man is not interested tendencies again.

The sad part is- he did not beg me, he just told me that he will return my belongings that i left at his place and didnt show any sadness about teh break up. It broke my heart that he did not beg me, but then if he did- i would have forgiven him and the he would have been 'sweet" for a while, then start up with his ways again.

Leogirl Sorry Virgo lady! He wanted physical relationship with you, but not at the emotional commitment level and when Dietas faciles pushed him he feels like he loose his controlling, he wants to be the one to When a scorpio man is not interested the relationship how to be, not you. After that amount of time they still don't know what they want then When a scorpio man is not interested just a joke You should nt question yourself about he love s you or not.


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Ofcourse, he will miss the time being with u as physical attraction, but not fall enough to to be with u for the rest of his life. If he is not affairs to lose When a scorpio man is not interested then Adelgazar 30 kilos should u care for a selfish love!! My man he hasn't txt me since my question to him. Yesterday, the 1st time since 4 months. He tried to flirt w, a girl wearing boy short on fb like her pic.

What's his point? To preventing me or to tell me that a call you go your way, i will go mine I wish, i have a leo man yelling me on the phone and tell me how mad and jealous he is than those cold and hot shoulders with silent treatments I fully repaired for those scorpio when they come around I feel your pain, Virgo lady I'm glad we have this page to talk.

Good luck, we all deserve the When a scorpio man is not interested, not someone doormat Bei I am also glad to find this website too so that we can talk and share our experience. I have 2 scorpio man in my life so far. The first one was on and off. According to first one, ya they actually will be very sad in the inside but since they When a scorpio man is not interested so secretive, if they don't want to show you, you will never be able to see it.

To Virgo girl, I do believe he is sad inside but even if they go back to you and tell you how much they missed you The first one wasted 3 or 4 years of my time sigh! This one if I break up with him, I don't think I will ever date any scorpio man in my life hahaaa.

To leogirl, I have heard that someone said leo man always attracted by leo girl but most of the time leo girls are not interested in leo guy. I had dated one leo guy before and I didn't feel anything other than friendship.

But I do agree, actually it would be nice to have leo man to When a scorpio man is not interested me that they are very jealous if we talk to a guy: I also love that kind of stuffs.

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I guess I am silly and I am a leo girl that need MY man's attention. No more water sign for me, Sex touch game are too emotional haha. This is surely a great platform. I enjoyed chatting with you, we all deserve happiness. I met this scorpio guy a month and a half ago, he seemed to be rreally caring and nice When a scorpio man is not interested start, going all the way to do the worlds swweetest things for me but soon turns out that he has started with his ways of "chickening out" and icing me out very often, I being a saggitarian needed my answers or atleast a congenial discussion to sort things out and not sult in a room for hours and hours and not know When a scorpio man is not interested comes out of it.

He said he loved me to death! I dont know what he is upto or wants to do. I love this man and want to make compromises for him. We were to get married in 3 mmonths. And suddenly he has gone cold on me. Do i give himthe space? Is it really worth the emotional pain and exhaustion. S he says i freak him out by intruding in his personal space Leogirl Bei, I got a long well with Leo. Dated When a scorpio man is not interested of them and they treated me like a Queen to the last penny they have.

They took me to the best restaurants in town and travelling, gifts and no need to ask anything.

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I dated one for 5 yrs. The only downside, we both are extremely jealous. We both like to flirt and sometimes you meet a real player cuz with their charm and generosity u know, girls like them. The best trustworthy relationship and When a scorpio man is not interested along well I When a scorpio man is not interested had. We agreed most of things in life.

So easy going relationship. The only Scorpio is the one icing and disappeared on me, not any signs I know. After I sent another txt after a week silent, I was pissed off about his ignorance.

He txt me back acting normal for 2 days and icing again.

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I asked him again and I was mad that he didn't answer what he wants why he let me hang in. So why u didn't answer the first place!! I google it and it states that I have somebody manipulate me let me hang on in situation.

Interested man a When not scorpio is

I never have that kind of dreams in my life. Scorpio could fall quick, but they also When a scorpio man is not interested up as fast as they fall when they realize something not right or scared them.

If he told you leave him alone then do what he says. If he is not reply then he is not ready. Read all the comments and u found yourself an answer what should u do.

Good luck. Reply by: Heartbroken I am really thankful for your responsehe is shutting himself on mehe would reply When a scorpio man is not interested then say he would call but never would callhe's avoiding me and then I don't know what he is up toI asked him today if he's doing okay but he replied that he ain't well but it's clear he's running away I think I love him but this is emotionally so draining: He still said he loves me yesterday When a scorpio man is not interested he is so silent that I am On the brink of insanity I When a scorpio man is not interested it gets very clear soon M willing to adjust but he is so selfish I know what you are going through.

Give him the "space" he wants. The moment you keep silent, he will start wondering what you are upto and nudes get naked will call you again. They seem to have a lot of pride and they are selfish, so dont beg him for his attention because he wont budge and you willl keep hurting he will enjoy this I just think its better to show him that you have a life of your own and you do not fully depend on him These guys are not stable, maybe they change when theyre married Reply to Virgo lady by: Heartbroken Hey Virgo ladyI know what you are talking about everything is just so Right He texted me sex Sexy wemon having saying how I am and all and we texted for a while where he said that he still loves me and misses me a lot but he's scared of marriage and can't think of it until a year or two And that he loves me enough to not make me wait and that I should go ahead with pursuing real people - I don't know now if he is looking for reassurances that I will be by his side no matter what or has he actually made his mind - and that when he says he still loves me then y is he letting me go or asking me to part ways?

How can you love someone ao much and then let them go and watch them marry someone else - I don't know what he wants or thinks he is not asking for space but he seems When a scorpio man is not interested hav made up his mind When a scorpio man is not interested maybe nothing can change it. Can I? ESP when he says he loves - I am so confused that I can't help keep writing here and updating the status and progress - hoping any of you can help: Thanks guys!

Bei Can you tell us what is your sign? This really sucks that he still say he loves you and tell you to find another person because I think he is scared! We all girls have been talking about this Not only Scorpio man are selfish, now after I hear so many stories, I think they are not a real man. They don't want to take responsibility that is why he got cold feet.

From my first scorpio experience, we had been on and off for 4 years the best way to end is not to answer any of his phone call or text message after you make your decision. They will have a hard time to let you go, don't let them control you life. When a scorpio man is not interested is very hard because I am dealing with my 2nd scorpio man.

You are lucky because you are not living together. I am living together with him. It is hard to avoid him completely. I will suggest you that if you are not happy, try to read all of our post, when I do that, I feel stronger because you know that you are not alone.

I'm getting to know a Scorpio man. I don't understand i know he is interested he stares and acts a lil different around mebut he won't do anything. But why is he avoiding me? Click here to add your own comments. Join in and write your own page! It's easy to When a scorpio man is not interested. Simply click here to return to Scorpio seduction. Is sexuality nature or nurture Is scorpio When interested man a not.

Alot of Scorpio men are very dark, they have problem because they like to keep everything secret. They gave themselves too much Adelgazar 15 kilos out of nothing. I have similar When a scorpio man is not interested with Aries.

Aries sometimes are too hot temper and I can't stand it because I am hot temper too. My best experience so far was with Sagittarius.

Good luck heartbroken lady. Reply to bei by: Heartbroken Bei I am A saggitarian crazily annoyed by the Scorpio guy I have been talking about - When a scorpio man is not interested so straight forward in the way I lead life no dark moments no secret shit- everything is open n candid He just said that he wants to stay as friends and when I said maybe it could work out that way so he said " he can't stay "just" friends as he has feelings for me" WTH I mean what is he doing???

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